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I’m your host M Rene this is Season 1 Episode 2.

This week kicks off our new series entitled The Healing Process. We’re gonna discuss the three steps to the healing process. In episode 1 I talked about Strong Women Do Break, and it’s perfectly okay. Then it came to me we can’t just stop right there!

So after the breaking then what? After the breaking comes the healing process and the first step that we’re going to talk about today is Acceptance. Now, if you have the book Restoration After Devastation, chapter 3 talks about acceptance and why acceptance is so important.

So on today’s show we’re gonna dive in just a little deeper to give us a better understanding of why we should open ourselves up to acceptance. In many cases we have two choices we can either accept or reject. Most of the time rejecting doesn’t change our reality it just prolongs our pain. We don’t want to be stuck in the pain. Most of the times we try to find ways to bury that pain, to bury the hurt that we’re feeling instead of dealing with it. Once we make up in our minds to accept something then it gives us the opportunity now to make a choice.

It gives us the opportunity to decide how we want to deal with it and how we should deal with it. Choosing to accept something doesn’t mean you necessarily like it. Let’s take for instance a gift, someone chose to buy you a gift just randomly. You chose to accept it because it’s the right thing to do right? Upon opening that gift it’snot something that you like; not something that you would even think of buying for yourself.

Well because you accepted it, you now have a decision to make. Do you keep the gift or do you use it to bless someone else? That’s the type of thing that acceptance does. When you choose to accept something it opens up the door for you to make decisions. When we refuse to accept it then it leaves us stuck in a place that we really don’t want to be. In my short time here on earth I’ve never met anyone that says they like pain or they like hurt.

When we’ve been hurt by something or someone, choosing to resist or reject that pain only causes us unnecessary suffering. When accepting the fact that you hurt it allows you to feel what you feel. Remember in the breaking series you have to allow yourself to feel those emotions. That’s the only way that we can move forward and deal with things a little easier. It allows you to come to grips with your situation and not really be overwhelmed by it. It doesn’t however cause the pain to stop but it does help.

Now you can start the process to changing it. Acceptance is a process; and I know that’s a word that we don’t like to hear. When it comes to processes it’s a long journey sometimes. Sometimes in processing there’s pain involved. We don’t like to feel pain. We don’t like to be hurt. One thing that I did when I was going through that process of dealing with the infidelity and the results of it, I leaned on the prayer of serenity.

It helped me to get through. It brought much clarity, and in case you don’t know it here it is:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I began to pray this every day when my emotions started running wild, my feelings were just all over the place and I’m just asking myself all of these questions that I’m trying to get answers to. Praying that prayer along with my other daily prayers helped me so much. It brought me clarity and I began to understand that I couldn’t change what had been done, but by accepting that it had been done; I was able to receive that peace that it talks about in the prayer of serenity.

What’s next? What should I do?

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Remember if you can renew your mind, you can be renewed!