Everything we do or say starts with a thought in the mind.  The mind is the foundation.  The state of mind is an essential part of our well being.  Think of the mind as a foundation laid to build on.  It has to be stable and remain stable at all times.  However, there are some times in life that the foundation goes through a shaking or a shifting.  This can occur because of trauma, life blows, storms and battles that take place in the mind. 

Most often a shift goes unnoticed.  It’s like an earthquake, you don’t necessarily notice that the earth has shifted until the ground starts shaking and things around us start to fall or crumble.  The mind works in a similar fashion.  We notice the shift when depression, anxiety, trauma, worry, grief etc. starts to set in.  These are all signs of mind shifting.

So what do we do when we recognize a shift?  You immediately begin to work on it and repair the damage.

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