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Hello and welcome to the M. Renee’ Show. I’m your host M. Renee’.

This is Episode 0, Introducing Me!

Looking for the full transcript? See it below:

I’m an Author, Entrepreneur, wife, and mother of 3 boys, creator of The M. Renee’ Show and Get Your Mind Right! Motivational Podcast.

Some of you may know me and many of you do not, but as we get to know each other you’ll find that I’m very open, honest and outspoken. I like to think of myself as an open book of knowledge that one can read upon our first encounter.

As a minister I’m very passionate when it comes to women’s issues. I’ve seen so many women just going through the motions of life and not living a life that’s fulfilling. I find that this happens when we continue to hold on to the things that hurt us.

We must understand that when we hold on to hurt it shows up in every area of our lives. It becomes extra weight that we carry around mentally and then it shows up physically. It becomes overwhelming and then it becomes a distraction from the things that really matter — like spending time with family and friends or doing whatever makes you happy in life.

Too many times we get stuck in the past afraid to move forward out of fear. But as my belief statement says: if you can renew your mind, you can be renewed. I want to help create a group of women who are whole, strong, and confident.

This is not just a show, but for me its a mission, a movement and together we can become a force. I’m glad you’re here!

On the M. Renee Show we’re going to talk about how to renew your mind so that you can love yourself again…how to go from brokenness to wholeness…how to be strong, confident and courageous…how to live a life that’s fulfilling in every way possible.

I pray that this podcast makes a difference in your life!

If we’ve never connected before, here’s a little bit about my story and why we are here, the short version…

About 8 years ago, I found myself in a whirlwind of emotions after finding out about my husband’s affair.  I was hurt, angry, confused and was ready to just give up.  I would have my spats with God about why he allowed this to happen or what did I do to deserve it?  I felt betrayed in so many ways.  My mind held all the questions that I wanted to ask, but somehow, I couldn’t seem to utter them.  It became a battle within that I felt I was fighting alone.

I’ve always been very private about my life, my marriage, or anything that concerned me for that matter. I still am, but I felt that my story is something that women deal with all too often and that I needed to share it. So I wrote a book about it. I want women to understand that there is a way to heal from your hurt .

Yes there were days that I screamed, I cried, I yelled and afterward I talked to God. I knew that this wasn’t my battle to fight, so I put my marriage in his hands. I allowed God to do what only he could do, FIX IT!

When I saw how God restored my marriage, I knew that it was time to open up and share my story of love, redemption and restoration. It has helped many others change the way they think, and how to handle situations that seem to be impossible to get through.

In 2017 I published my book Restoration After Devastation with Agape Love and now I’m here doing the M. Renee Show. I look forward to helping so many of you on your road from brokenness to wholeness.

On my journey I learned how to love from a different perspective, I learned how to conquer those thoughts that tried to conquer me. I learned that there’s no greater love than the love of our heavenly father. I want to walk you through those steps as well.

Here’s what you can expect from the show…

  • True stories based on my personal life experiences
  • Tips on how to renew your mind daily
  • How to rebuild your self-esteem with confidence
  • Q&A Segments
  • We’re going to laugh, cry, have fun and deal with the issues.
  • I’ll be doing some giveaways of my books and some doing some challenges along the way so keep listening for that info.

I’m super excited to get started with this show.

So I’ll see you in Season 1!

Remember, if you can renew your mind, you can be renewed!