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Today we’re discussing strong women. Strong women do break contrary to our beliefs, we do break. I want you to understand that there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s OK– it’s perfectly OK! We as women carry so much of a burden, we carry so much of a load everyday. Sometimes we don’t know our limits and sometimes we do, but we continue to push or carry things that are too heavy for us. So, when we get to that breaking point it’s perfectly OK to have a breaking moment. In that moment of breaking there’s something there that we need to learn. Those moments don’t come about just because, but those moments are important to the life of a woman.

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever met a strong woman?

Your answer to that question should be yes! Be you my sister are a strong woman. How can I say that? Because I’m a strong woman and I know that there are many others out there that get up everyday and they know what needs to be done, and they do it without a second thought.

Just to give you an example, my mom is a very strong woman. She has nine kids. Yes nine kids! That takes a strong woman! We really don’t understand how we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. We were created with inner strength and we were created for this. Not only that, God gave her the strength, wisdom and the ability to raise all nine of her kids. Did she have her moments of breaking? Oh, I’m sure she did, but she kept going.

Now that’s a strong woman! I want you to know that you are strong. Even though you may not feel strong right now, that’s ok, because in your weakness is when God is made strong. Which means his strength becomes your strength so you’re even stronger than you can imagine.

Let’s get back to the strong woman. What are her characteristics?

  • She’s self confident
  • She upholds her core values and her dignity
  • She expresses her feelings well
  • She’s strong willed
  • She respects herself and others
  • She’s a leader to those who follow her

Does she smile in the face of adversity? Yes she does! She stands tall despite the weight on her shoulders. God made us strong, but he didn’t create us to be super women. And yet we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

When I say a superwoman, that’s someone who is trying to conquer the world all by themselves with no help or guidance. That’s a superwoman, but that’s not what we were created to be. He created us to be strong women, because we are the backbone to the husband the backbone to the family that we’ve been given. That’s what he created us to be, the support system or support beam.

Even with that and all of its goodness, that’s fine that God made us strong and we want to grow stronger each and everyday of our lives. We also need to know that sometimes there’s a breaking that takes place. It’s OK to breakdown, its OK to hurt, it’s OK to feel sad, its OK to cry, it’s OK to let your tears wash you. It’s actually a refreshing to your spirit when you cry. It’s also OK to ask for help.

In that moment of your breaking, it takes great strength to break down. And, through it all it doesn’t make you weak. I want you to understand this as well, in your place of brokenness you learn to hear in the silence. Its in those quiet times that things become much clearer to us. This is something I know to be true.

I think of myself as a very strong woman, and i would go to bat for those that i care about. It doesn’t matter what I’m going through or how I feel. If you call on me I’m there for you. That’s what strong women should do. When we’re able to put our issues and problems on the side to help others, that’s a strong woman, that’s someone who cares, not only about herself, but about others. It makes us a better person as well.

In those moments when I breakdown, I find my secret place where I go and let the tears flow. One thing I try to do is not let my kids see me cry or my husband see me cry, because they see me as the backbone of the family. The glue– the one that keeps it all together. So for their sake I have to keep it all together for them.

Have there been moments where I just couldn’t control it or I couldn’t contain it? Yes, and it’s still okay. It lets them understand that even though I’m a strong woman, I’m a strong mother and you can come and talk to me and I can give you all the answers and I can be there for you, and yes even though I’m that strong wife, I’m the backbone, I’m the helpmeet to you and I can be there and listen to you and give you encouragement along the way to help you throughout your day. Yes I can still do that and still have my moments where I’m vulnerable, where I’m broken.

So even though I may cry my eyes out at night and even though you may cry your eyes out at night, it’s okay that you get up the next morning ready to face the world all over again. It doesn’t mean that your problems go away, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still feel the same way that you felt in your moment of brokenness. You can do that but you must go on.

I believe that in everything there is a lesson and it maybe a lesson about ourselves. It may be something that God has been trying to get us to see for a long time and we’ve just been going and going and going and instead of listening to what our spirit is telling us. Sometimes we push ourselves beyond the limit and our body has a way of telling us hey, its time to take a break.

Your mind has a way of telling you it’s time to take a break. So in those breaking moments it’s okay to be weak. And I want us to really understand that because there’s nothing wrong with that. Never be afraid to learn the lesson because it will only make you stronger in the end. And after the breaking know that it’s okay to get up, shake the dust off and continue on in this journey called life.

This thing called life is a funny thing and we as women must know how much of the weight that we can actually carry. We must know that it’s okay to seek help. Make sure that you have a circle of people that you can trust, that you can confide in, ones that you know have your back no matter what– they’re there for you. They’re not gonna spread your business all over the place. A strong woman has a team and that team is her support.

We have to make sure that we surround ourselves with strong women as well. And make sure that we are there for each other because, we need each other. And that’s why I say sisters, because it’s about becoming sisters and even though we don’t know each other. We can get strength from each other by sharing our testimonies, by sharing our stories, by sharing our moments of weaknesses to help other people be able to overcome. And help others understand that it’s perfectly okay when you have that moment of breaking. Sometimes it takes a breaking in order for us to become stronger.

So I want us to make sure that we understand that and not feel guilty when we have those moments where we just have to cry, when we have those moments where we just have to let it all out. We might have a screaming fit that’s okay we have to get it out some way or another. Pressure breaks pipes and so when we get to that moment where it’s just all bubbling and bubbling, it’s gonna eventually bust and we really don’t want to get to the place where we bust and we’re not able to recover.

So in those moments where you feel overwhelmed where you feel like you’re not strong enough to go on call a friend. Talk to someone, it’s okay! It doesn’t make you weak. We are sisters we really need to learn how to support one another. Society says that we should compete against each other, not knowing that something that you’ve gone through could help me and something that I’ve gone through could help you.

If we don’t get to the point where we see this and we begin to connect and bond with each other, we’re gonna have so many weak women out there and that’s not how God created us to be.

Just a recap about today to let you know that strong women do break and it’s perfectly OK! In your broken state you can:

  • let go of the weight you’ve been carrying
  • you can smile through the sadness
  • get up and face your day as you normally would
  • allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling
  • don’t continue to hide it
  • don’t continue to keep pushing when that breaking moment takes place
  • allow yourself to go through that breaking process

In your place of brokenness is where you can be made whole, where you can be healed and where you can learn something.

Remember, if you can renew your mind, you can be renewed!